Be Prepared – For Adventure!

We’re keen to expand the Group to provide more exciting adventures to young people in and around Heath and Reach. But we need more adults to do this. Could you help?

I’ve loved getting involved in the Group. It’s helped me meet new people in the town, is a great way of supporting the community, and everyone is keen to help.

If you’re interested in any of the roles below, or could help in other ways, please get in touch.
Cub Assistant

Cub Assistant

Working with ages 8-10

We have a regular team of Leaders, but we need someone to join the team to help us provide an even better programme. You don’t need to be available every week, but this could be:

  • Helping to support or even organise some events on weeknights
  • Working with the Young People to encourage them and help them complete challenges.
  • Helping to attend or run occasional weekend activities and trips – this might be a visit somewhere or camping.

Beaver Helper

Beaver Helper

Working with ages 6-8

Our Beavers have a regular parent rota but it would be great to get some new members on the team to help out.

You don’t need to be an expert; our existing team have many years of experience and can organise most weeks. However, we would welcome a new adult to offer support occasionally).

Building manager

Building manager

We’re very lucky having our own building. However, it does occasionally need some maintenance to keep it going – an occasional splash of paint or fixing a leaky gutter will help it to keep going for another 100 years!

  • We’d welcome a member of the team to help keep on top of building management – identifying problems, ensuring everything is above board, and that we meet any regulations.
  • You don’t need to have any qualifications – we can help guide you through the basics, and can provide training on things like fire safety.

Parent representatives

Parent representatives

Parent representatives provide a link between the Section (i.e. Cubs, Beavers, and Scouts) and the management committee.
The purpose of this role is to provide an all-round and balanced view of what the needs are, and where we are going.
e.g. The Group might be planning to spend a lot of money on something, but the parent rep’s might be aware of a clash or conflict.

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