Waiting list policy for Young People

Scouting in our area is very popular, and we often have waiting lists for spaces, which unfortunately means we can’t always offer a space to potential members as soon as we would like… however, put your name down and we’ll try help out.

To be transparent and open, we have defined the criteria of how we choose people off our waiting list below.

We operate within the equal opportunities policy of The Scout Association and are open to all Young People, aged from 6 to 14 years, subject to spaces being available, and the Section having sufficient adults to run. The safety and wellbeing of all Young People is of utmost importance and for every member we need to make sure we can provide them the ongoing support which they need in order to enjoy Scouting fully and to be safe.

Getting onto the waiting list:

  • To be added to our list, please submitting your name to the National website. This will ensure other local Groups get notified too.

Please note that siblings of members must register on the waiting list. We have no idea how many brothers and sisters people have so it doesn’t happen automatically. Parents/Carers of siblings can do this via your Section Leader.

Selection criteria:

When selecting names from our waiting list, we consider the following, in this order (please note for existing and former Scouts, refer to the Transfers section later on this page):

  1. Existing members of our Scout Group: Young People who are already a member of the Group, moving up to the next Section, i.e. Beavers to Cubs, Cubs to Scouts.
  2. Families who help run the Group: Ultimately the Group does not exist without volunteers, and we feel it’s reasonable that someone who’s willing to invest time in helping to support the Scout Group should be able to include their child (or children) in that experience. So, Young People whose parents/guardians are prepared to become Section Leaders, Section Assistants, or take another formal role in supporting the Group.
  3. Siblings: We do appreciate that siblings watching their brother or sister enjoying Scouting with us may have a twinge of jealousy! So we do give some priority to older or younger siblings of Young People who are Members of the Group, but assuming they have been on the waiting list for at least 6 months. (i.e. it would be unfair to give a place to a younger sibling whose name has been on the list one week compared to a new joiner on the list three years). Siblings must register on the waiting list just like everyone else.
  4. Time on waiting list: With the exception that newcomers will not usually be invited to a Section if their age means they cannot spend at least 6 months with that Section – however they will be given priority to the next Section up where possible.

If a place is offered to a Young Person on the waiting list and declined (or not acknowledged within one month), or the Young Person leaves the group and subsequently asks to return they will re-join the waiting list at the bottom.


There may be rare circumstances where we make an exception to the priorities set out above. These may include, but are not limited to, specific family circumstances, special educational, medical or other needs. The relevant Section Leader, Group Scout Leader and the Group Chairman must approve all exceptions.


If a Young Person fails to meet the standards required by their Section (in particular regularly attending meetings and events, but also other factors such as behaviour and paying membership fees) then their place may be withdrawn and be offered to someone on the waiting list.

Transfer requests

We do accept transfer requests from people who have been Scouters in other parts of the Country, and who have moved into the Heath and Reach area. However, we do not guarantee instant spaces. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate newcomers, but priorities 1, 2 and asometimes 3, listed above are more important to the Group, and we will not squeeze someone in when there is no space available or when it threatens a space allocated to an existing member.

We sometimes receive transfer requests from inside the District. These are generally discouraged if it means another young person doesn’t get a space, and will need to be discussed with the Leaders and considered at our discretion.


If a Young Person leaves the Group and subsequentyl asks to return they will re-join the waiting list at the bottom.

Second opinion

If you feel your application has not been treated fairly, you are welcome to contact the Group Scout Leader, who will make the ultimate decision about Group Membership.