Ways to donate

The Scout Group is entirely run by volunteers, and there’s lots of ways you could support our work, not necessarily financial donations.

Anything that helps our programme would help – even glue sticks and crayons will all help reduce our bills. Or if you’re from a company here’s some examples of big expenses coming up where we need some serious help:

  • Our roof needs replacing.
  • Buying more tents for our growing Group
  • Security improvements
  • Better insultation of the building

Ways to help:

Help restock our stores?

Our Amazon wishlist contains some small items that would help restock our supplies or add something interesting to help young people.

Little things that would make a big difference.

Support from your company?

Many companies and employers have schemes to help local projects, especially local businesses.

Some large companies offer “matched funding” for any time spent helping.

Do you know a company who might be willing to offer some assitance, big or small? This might be financial or skilled, e.g. a team to help redecorate would be just as welcome.

Donate your unwanted stock?

Sometimes things that companies no longer want we can have huge fun with. In the past this has included:

  • Cardboard boxes: We made castles and caves with
  • End-of-season barbecues: We’re cooking things outdoors in the middle of winter!
  • Outdated stationary after a rebrand: We can still use pens and scrap paper

Are you a business?