Hiking in Bedfordshire

Close to home, but still a chance to practice our navigation skills, the Beavers and Cubs were recently found out exploring Bedfordshire. Armed with maps we survived overly-friendly horses, plenty of nettles and some surprisingly steep hills!

Art templates

For any Cubs and Beavers wanting to finish their masterpieces, here’s the examples from the session with Liz: Dog Snake Penguin PLUS! Here’s the extra templates she showed if you want to try trace them or colour them in: Toast…

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Climbing at Big Rock

To end the year with a bit of adventure (we couldn’t face any more mince pies) the Beavers and Cubs went to Big Rock in Milton Keynes for some climbing lessons. We got a go on all sorts of different…

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Cooking without kitchens

Despite the dark nights we’ve been a bit obsessed with outdoors cooking for the last few weeks… though we’ve been getting more adventurous and the kitchen has been banned. Beavers have all been making vegetable wraps. Cubs have been making…

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Litter picking in Leighton

Heath and Reach Beavers and Cubs ventured into the town recently, armed with litter pickers, gloves, and bin bags, to help tidy up the town. We were very pleased to find the shopping centre was (mostly) very tidy. However, sadly…

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We’ve been making the most of our enforced time outdoors to practice some (safe) fire lighting and cooking skills. Thankfully no-one stood out particularly as a pyromaniac (the opposite in most cases), though we just about managed to cook some…

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Cycle safety in Heath and Reach

Beavers and Cubs were visited by PCSO Rachel for a lesson in cycling safety and some tests in the playground. As well as a bit of bike care we were shown some tips and tricks by the local constabulary.

Scouting indoors

It’s been a strange 2020 with all our plans thrown aside. However, we’ve still been busy Scouting where possible. Just a lot more online! Despite not being able to meet up we’ve still managed meetings most weeks, including: Learning about…

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Bell ringing at Linslade

The Cubs recently visited Linslade Ringers at St. Barnabas Church in Leighton Buzzard for a lesson in bell ringing. Everyone got a go with the bells, with our expert instructors for the night, though only a few could fit in…

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