A few things that people often ask, to save you waiting for us to answer…

Are there girls in Scouting?

Yep, we have several girls in the Group, and there have been for many years!

Do you just take members from Heath and Reach?

No – though that’s most common as we’re in the middle of the village. However, we often get people from nearby towns and villages either because the meeting night is more convenient, they have friends from school, or other reasons. We’re just down the road for Leighton Buzzard residents.

Where should I park?

Most people park in the village and walk up the hill. There is no parking at the Hut sadly, and we don’t like to disturb our neighbours.

Is your hall available to hire?

Sometimes other youth groups use the hall, and occasionally people in the village borrow it for one-off events. However, we don’t do this very often and would need to discuss, though please get in touch if you’re desperate!

Is your hall suitable for parties?

Sadly not. We don’t want to annoy our neighbours.

Is your hall suitable for sleepovers?

Not normally. It is small with limited facilities. Perhaps as a base for an exepedition at a push! Please contact us if you are desperate.

Do you support Duke of Edinburgh participants?

Our Leaders have worked with many Duke of Edinburgh participants doing their “service” awards. We’re happy to discuss options – please get in touch.

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