The Scout Hut needs some love and care occasionally to keep it looking decent – and though we try keep it tidy, we need a bit of help.

Could you just donate an hour-or-so of elbow grease please?

Here’s how it works

We’ll be there on the morning of Saturday 12 March from 10AM to 1PM.

If you could just come along for 60-90 minutes anytime that morning to grab a brush / duster / screwdriver hopefully we can get the place looking a bit brighter without spending a fortune.

Please wear old clothes – just in case you get splashed with paint or similar.

As we’ll all be running around doing jobs, you can bring a child if you need to but you you will need to supervise your own children please with whatever job you pick up – it won’t be safe for them to be playing.

What are the jobs

We’re still working on a list, but just to show it’s not Mission Impossible, here’s some of the things on the list – hopefully none are that hard. Though if you do have any specialist skills let us know as they might be useful!

  • Easy:
    • Weed the side-and-front areas
    • Paint skirting boards
    • Clear all the cobwebs
    • Take some rubbish to the tip
    • Pressure-wash the front area / patio / side area
      (if anyone could bring a pressure washer please that would be great)
    • Touch-up paint on doors
    • Clean garage roof edging
    • Clean window and door frames
    • Screw some drain covers on
  • A bit more specialist:
    • Fit a new water butt
    • Clear gutters
    • Fix leaky gutter
    • Lay vinyl floor in toilets
    • Put some unused equipment up for sale (take photo’s, post online, etc.)
    • Fix faulty lock (anyone a locksmith?)
    • Fix faulty doorbar
    • Fix security light (anyone good up a ladder?)